Marketing Strategy

As storytelling strategist, we explore, listen, and strategically craft your unique organizational stories to attract your ideal customers and supporters across a variety of digital platforms. Your story is your brand and our business is to help you tell it in a way that relates, connects, and engages.

DIGITAL ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY – How and where you communicate your story and your message has never been more critical. Your content, and how it is distributed, is the key to your success. Your brand must be everywhere for the world to see with quality written and video content that will drive traffic to your website and dominate social media.

MARKETING CAMPAIGN SOLUTIONS – Your marketing exists for only one reason and that is to drive traffic, increase conversions, and stimulate donations. SWEA is your expert marketing team that ensures success across all of your social media platforms as well as with your video branding and your content blogging and authoritative articles. We know that your time is critical which is why we are there every step of the way so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best.

WORKSHOPS & TRAINING – Your success is our success, which is why we offer you the training you need to win. Not only will you become an expert on how to get the most out of your social media platforms and learn unique effective strategies, you will get the tools you need to become a thought leader in your industry and gain the confidence of your customers and donors.

Other Services

  • Pocket Producing & Placement Packages
  • Blogging
  • Content Writing & Editing
  • Communication Audits
  • Digital Presence Reports & Management
  • Social Media Back-End Setup & Optimization
  • Mobile Marketing
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