Business Solutions

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Business Financing

Capital is a fully automated online marketplace that gives multiple financing options and real-time pre-approvals to applicants. What sets us apart is our proprietary technology which allows business owners to get actual results for multiple product types and the ability to go directly to contract. An experienced funding concierge guides business owners every step of the way.*


Payroll Services

5LINX Payroll is the perfect solution for every business as it is an essential piece to running a business efficiently. One of the most time consuming and expensive endeavors a merchant engages in is figuring out their employee payroll.

Whether or not they are currently using a payroll service chances are they are missing something or being over charged. 5LINX offers a full service alternative for small-medium sized businesses looking to spend less on their payroll and benefit management needs for themselves and their employees.*


 Payment Processing

Whether you are new to payment processing or looking to switch to a new provider, payment solutions will help you reduce costs, increase sales and build loyalty. From virtual terminals with mobile application features to the traditional countertop terminal, payment solutions can tailor the right option for you. 5LINX has partnered with an industry leader in payment processing services to offer you the most competitive rates in the industry, keeping more of each sale in your pocket.*


 EnhancedcareMD Smarter Choices

5LINX enhancedcareMD? Smarter Choices offers comprehensive, alternative health care solutions for your company. Offer your employees a health care alternative service 24/7 direct access to registered nurses and doctors for quality health care. 5LINX enhancedcareMD Commercial provides fast and inexpensive access to quality, certified Registered Nurses and Physicians who can diagnose illnesses, recommend treatments, and even prescribe medications over the phone.*

The program also includes an exclusive Walmart prescription drug savings plan, reducing the cost of prescriptions above and beyond your company-sponsored drug plan.

5LINX enhancedcareMD? Smarter Choices is not a health insurance program—it’s an alternative health care solution designed to reduce employer costs and increase employee savings. There are no hidden costs or gimmicks, just smart and easy-to-understand health care options for your employees.* 


Business Toolkit

Owning your own business can be hard and finding ways to decrease costs while increasing profits can be even harder. This bundle of products and services is designed to help your growing business. This package of services includes a comprehensive discount program, computer tech support, web conferencing and text marketing, helping you to reduce costs and increase profits while utilizing the sales potential of mobile marketing.*


Business Security Systems

Protect your business against the threat of break-in, burglary or forced entry with a 5LINX security system, provided by Protect America. We offer a complete line of wireless security products, with landline, broadband and cellular monitoring platform options plus easy self-installation. Enjoy the peace-of-mind of a lifetime equipment warranty and free technical support for the life of the service. Select the package that best fits the security needs of your business and find out why our security systems offer the best service in the industry.*


Online Business Listing Management

How your company’s NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) is listed online can either help your business grow or serve as a barrier to customers finding you in local search results. Search engines like Google value accurate and trusted information for their users, so it is important to ensure that your company data is both correct and consistent. Use our free Business Check to find out where your business stands.


Local SEO

5LINX SEO is the most effective marketing tool in getting your company in front of consumers looking for your product or service. Our unique and proprietary formula will increase your sales and lead volume. 5LINX SEO combines everything that impacts your business from both offline and online activities into one place. This takes your marketing presence to a whole new level.

Local SEO is the most effective marketing tool in getting your company in front of consumers looking for your product or service. Our unique and proprietary formula will increase your sales and lead volume.*


 Mobile Marketing Solutions

Text marketing is a powerful way to increase sales for your business. Mobile Marketing is known as one of the most effective methods to reach customers for businesses of all types as well as non-profits and real estate professionals by allowing them to promote their products, services and events, through utilizing the device that everyone uses most—the mobile phone.*


Marketing Strategy

As storytelling strategist, we explore, listen, and strategically craft your unique organizational stories to attract your ideal customers and supporters across a variety of digital platforms. Your story is your brand and our business is to help you tell it in a way that relates, connects, and engages. Our core services include digital engagement strategy, marketing campaign solutions, as well as workshops and trainings.


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